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Las Vegas Public Radio to move to KQQY 90.1 FM broadcasting at 48,000 Watts in the coming months

June 23, 2022, at 9:30 AM

Las Vegas Public Radio to move to KQQY 90.1 FM broadcasting at 48,000 Watts in the coming months

LAS VEGAS (LVPR) - On Wednesday, June 23, 2022, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted the call letters of KQQY to Las Vegas Public Radio so the radio station can move to KQQY 90.1 FM and broadcast at 48,000 Watts. What does this mean to you the current KIOF 97.9 FM listener or show producer for KIOF 97.9 FM? Nothing at this time.

The transisition to KQQY 90.1 FM will take several months to complete should the centralized Federal Communications Commission remain as a centralized federal agency in the DC Swamp based on the framework of decentralizaion into a U.S. Department of Public Broadcasting or U.S. Communications Administration that replaces the structure of the current commission in place since 1934 over to a director model.

This is some work that we have seen former FCC Chairman Pai as well as current FCC Chairwomen Rosenworcel continue to work on with how the Office of Managing Director was created within the FCC. It is our belief that this is the transition away from the legacy FCC model and over to a Director model who would be appointed to each state to handle the communications affairs for that state - this is how the FCC would transition it's first steps into a U.S. Department of Public Broadcasting or U.S. Communications Administration where the power and decision making is controlled by We, The People in each state. Our station has led a study on this transition since 2019 where the centralized communist business model of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio (NPR) would be defunded and eliminated and their centralized processes rolled into the new decentralized model that any state Director would handle which would remove the complete Public Broadcasting System funding away from the Department of Education including the State of Nevada Department of Education and place the funding into the Director for us in the State of Nevada that would be governed under the decentralized U.S. Department of Public Broadcasting or U.S. Communications Administration model. This is continued to be studied at KIOF 97.9 FM along with members of Congress away from the DC Swamp Lobbying Firms on K, L and M Streets.

For instance, Chairwomen Rosenworcel's role would be moved to the Managing Director for any U.S. Department of Public Broadcasting or U.S. Communications Administration that is modeled similarily to the U.S. Small Business Administration where a Director is allocated to each state to handle the affairs of that state. This helps restore our Consitutional Republic and place the power back in the people's hands for representation where all broadcasters in the state have a seat at the table and are represented which breaks the current centralized Federal Comminications Commission model after more than 80 years of it's inception in 1934. America is changing and our Consitutional Republic changes with it.

We believe KQQY 90.1 FM will be the new blow torch broadcasting at 48,000 watts will help facilitate the change by 2034 to commemerate the 100th anniversary of the Federal Communications Commission through a transitionary change for power back to We, The People.

KQQY 90.1 FM will continue to show the general public the plan that fixes many of the corrupt processes that Chairwomen Rosenworcel discusses in FCC releases which we believe the transitionary change will correct many of those corrupt processes as Directors are allocated for each state should we continue the model within the FCC or externally to bring America back to it's founding documents in 1776 of equality as our Consitutional Republic was formed in 1789 where we correct what the framers had originally intended America to be but the framers of Federal Communications Commission got wrong in 1934, 1967 and 1970. Many of us alive today were not born in this era and never had a chance at the table to voice our opinion for framing the Consitutional Republic which could have changed out to be very different today.

Las Vegas Public Radio FCC Construction Permit for 90.1 FM:

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