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Show/Program Producers

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Last Updated: June 21, 2022

Airing Shows/Programs

As a State of Nevada public broadcaster, KIOF 97.9 FM has applied for Radio Community Service Grant (CSG) funding through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Each application for grant funding was frviously denied by the CPB in Washington, D.C. for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 years. KIOF 97.9 FM has not applied for Radio CSG with the CPB in 2020, 2021 or 2022 since the CPB is based on a centralized communist pyramid scheme money laundering/racketeering business model apparatus operating on American soil using the American tax payer money for their select "pals". The CPB was enacted by one political party in 1967 to advance communism on American soil through authoreterian and totaleterian dictaorial rule over the country's broadcast narrative in the public broadcasting spectrum. The CPB picks and choses which State of Nevada public broadcasting companies they wish to grant fund and have running in communities with our, "We, The People's" federal tax payer dollars in Nevada through it's own "communist" policies, rules and procedures written and operating on U.S. soil around "bias and racism". This is a similar trait of the IRS scandals with Lois Lerner from 2013 where an agency, in our situation seen with a quasi-federal agency in Washington, D.C., who has a fiduciary responsibility handling federal tax payer dollars to serve everyone equally but instead targets specific organizations like KIOF 97.9 FM / Las Vegas Public Radio. With this centralized communist apparatus in the DC Swamp, KIOF proposes the creation of a de-centralized U.S. Department of Public Broadcasting and/or U.S. Communications Administration that gives the power back to the American people at each state level and dismantling the centralized power to un-elected communist bureaucrats operating on American soil looking out for the best interest of the DC Swamp Lobbying Firms they take bribes, payoffs or kickbacks from. We need your help to carry your shows/programs on KIOF 97.9 FM as a State of Nevada public broadcaster here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There have been recent policy, rules and regulation changes at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). There are changes to the way non-commercial FM radio station's process their underwriting and overall financial contributions to the radio station. We have designated this area on our website that provides specific information to Show/Program Producers and the airing of shows/programs on KIOF 97.9 FM.

In recent months, KIOF 97.9 FM overhauled portions of it's billing system to accomodate the recent changes that came from the FCC and to better accomodate show/program producers. This includes simplified billing and contract processes which went into effect on July 1, 2021. If your show/program has stopped airing on or after July 1, 2021 on KIOF 97.9 FM, it's because your show/program does not comply with the new policies at Las Vegas Public Radio and therefor you, the show/program producer must make some decisions and notify the radio station around these three critical areas the radio station is addressing at this time:


  • All shows/programs to be aired on KIOF 97.9 FM that reference a telephone number for the listener to call must reference the radio station's call-in number of (702) 425-4089. This eliminates confusion to the listener that they are calling into a radio station and not some third-party location.
  • All shows/programs to be aired on KIOF 97.9 FM are to be under a specific underwriting contract with a period specified.
  • All shows/programs to be aired on KIOF 97.9 FM should promote the show/program page here on the KIOF 97.9 FM website and not some third-party website or social media platform. This eliminates confusion to the listener when they are looking for show/program information on the radio station's website. Show/Program producers are permitted to place hyperlinks and other information on their respective show/program pages here on the radio station's website.

Not Allowed:

  • Shows/programs that air a telephone number to call in during the show/program that is not the radio station's call-in number of (702) 425-4089 will not be aired on KIOF 97.9 FM.
  • Show/programs that air on KIOF 97.9 FM that do not have a specific underwriting contract assigned to the show/program will not be permitted to air on the radio station.
  • Show/programs will not reference third-party websites or social media platforms.

Show/Program Producer Steps

So how do you get a show/program to air on KIOF 97.9 FM? It's simple, just follow these steps and we'll get your show/program to air very quickly. These steps require you to provide the radio station with MP3 files of your show/program, otherwise the costs are considerably higher if your wish to air the show/program directly from our studios and call the radio station at (702) 425-4088 for more information.

All shows/programs to air on KIOF 97.9 FM will begin on the first of the month to allow enough time for all steps below to be followed.

Step 1:

All show/programs start out with purchasing a promotional package customized for the show/program on KIOF 97.9 FM. This is done by picking the specific Underwriting Promotional Package that suits the needs of your show/program. Visit our Underwriting page and select a package to make the initial purchase and get started. This will show up on your monthly billing statement as Promo Package A, Promo Package B, Promo Package C or any combination of the packages you initially purchase. You may provide the radio station with your 30 second promotional audio in MP3 format or the radio station will produce the 30 second promotional audio at no extra charge. Purchasing an Underwriting Promotional Package is required to get started, no exceptions.

Step 2:

Currently all show/programs airing on KIOF 97.9 FM are being billed at $232.00 monthly for a one hour show/program aired each week during each month. For instance, if you want to purchase airtime for a one hour show/program for 5 days each week (i.e. Monday through Friday) your show/program will cost you $1,160.00 per month. If your show/program is only 30 minutes, your able to get two split airing's each week during each month, your show will again cost you $232.00 each month. Once you determine your required hours for the month, a specific underwriting contract can be drafted with this information. Purchasing the required hours to air your show/program monthly is required, no exceptions.

Step 3:

Provide your information from Step's 1 and 2 to the radio station via email. The radio station will generate a specific underwriting contract for you once it has obtained your information. The radio station will then email your underwriting contract to you. Once you have finished reviewing your underwriting contract, sign it, scan to PDF and email a copy back to the radio station so your accounts can be immediately established.

Step 4:

After KIOF 97.9 FM receives your signed underwriting contract, your billing account will be created in our system. Once your account has been created, an initial invoice will be generated which shows your account information. This invoice will be emailed to you for payment and your records. If you have already made payment online in Step 1 via credit card, this will be noted on your first invoice.

Step 5:

Obtain your FTP account on where you should upload your shows/programs. The radio station will provision an FTP account that is specific to your billing account. This FTP account information will be emailed to you from our radio station staff and you may provide this information to the person who is in charge of delivering the shows/programs to KIOF 97.9 FM.

Step 6:

Your show/program page will be setup. All shows/programs that have a signed underwrting contract get show/program space on our website. This is accessibile by the general public by clicking on the Show drop down on the menu bar and selecting your show/program page once it has been enabled. The show/program pages may consist of areas where the listsners can click on previously aired shows/programs to listen again as well as areas where they may comment about your show/program. These pages are managed by KIOF 97.9 FM radio station staff and are updated based on your informational needs about the show/program which can include hyperlinks to your third-party website. Remember, we are here to promote your show/program on our radio station, KIOF 97.9 FM, and not third-party websites or social media sites.

Step 7:

Look for your show/program on our Program Schedule and tune in.