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Public Notice

Political Candidates running in the 2024 Presidential Election are encouraged to make direct individual contributions/donations to Las Vegas Public Radio to help restore the Travel & Tourism station for southern Nevada. Your individual contributions/donations will be noted in the KIOF 90.1 FM station logs but no over-the-air time will be offered presently until Las Vegas Public Radio and KIOF 90.1 FM are back on the air broadcasting again. Please make those contributions/donations by clicking on the red "Donate" button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Last Updated: 04/08/24 13:31:00 PST

Public Notice

Las Vegas Public Radio continues to experience service delays across multiple "agencies" due to the ongoing National Public Radio (NPR) scandals under the Telecommunications Act of 1934 in SEC. 393. [47 U.S.C. 393] CRITERIA FOR APPROVAL AND EXPENDITURES BY SECRETARY OF COMMERCE. (c) Of the sums appropriated pursuant to section 391 for any fiscal year, a substantial amount shall be available for the expansion and development of noncommercial radio broadcast station facilities and the Nevada State Bill 555 of the Public Broadcasting Grant program administered through the Department of Education.

Last Updated: 04/18/24 17:54:00 PST

Maintenance Alert

Our Main Number, Studio Number and each Board of Director direct numbers are presently in transition between service providers to clean up messes left over from KIOF-LP 97.9 FM since late 2022 as we transition to KIOF 90.1 FM. Here's what to do in the meantime:
  1. For general Travel & Tourism related requests or Public Service Announcements (PSA's) needed to be aired on KIOF 90.1 FM, please "Send Us A Message" by going to the Contact Page by clicking here.
  2. Show Producers on Travel & Tourism related requests to be aired on KIOF 90.1 FM, please send us an "Airing Shows/Programs" message by going to the Show/Program Producers page by clicking here.
  3. Station vendors, please continue to contact station staff through their direct emails or you may also "Send Us A Message" by going to the Contact Page here.
  4. To contact any member of the station's Board of Directors, please email them directly or you may also "Send Us A Message" by going to the Contact Page by clicking here.
Last Updated: 04/18/24 17:57:00 PST

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